Chocolate lovers, come and get it! Enjoy this puffed rice treat that contains delicious cocoa nibs and high end, Couverture dark chocolate. The nibs are small, crushed up pieces of cocoa beans. They are bitter, but have an amazing chocolate flavor. The sweetness from the marshmallow and a hint of salt, balance this bitterness very well. The Couverture dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter and is oh so yummy. This gourmet krispie reminds us of a bowl of Cocoa Krispie cereal. Feel like a kid again!


These sweets can be ordered in a box of 6 or 12. They make for a great foodie gift, as well as favors for birthdays, weddings, parties, etc.


Each krispie is individually wrapped for freshness and deliciousness. The krispies are placed in a white box with brown crinkle paper, and you have the option of including a personalized message.


Need more? Please contact us for a customized order. 

Cocoa Krispie